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Computer Cutting Machine

Computer Cutting Machine

YFLXHQJ01Computer Cutting Machine (Spiral Tool)

Mechatronics design, precision machining, computer-controlled automatic operate independently; Series corrugated independent motor servo drive, for a single fast, accurate and reliable; this cross-cutting machine computer control program using synchronous dynamic tracking control board continuity and smooth operation , reliable, energy saving, continuous synchronous dynamic tracking control corrugated cardboard, Series cutter knife greatly savings due to the production line start up and shut down the production line brought cardboard scrap; completely avoid the same industry knife series designed to be positioned, in order to work traditional operating mode, the knife series does not locate reduce machinery, especially gear, wear, and motor and drive key overcurrent fault; color touch screen display operation, simple and reliable operation, intuitive display; a full set of imported electrical equipment, the use of CE standard design , industrial rigorously tested, stable and reliable; high cost, long life; a computer program automatic correction. Improve order management and operation monitoring, and production management systems can be networked;

               Technical Specifications:
Storage Order: 1000 sets precision cutting: 士1 mm with disabilities 

Cutter Length: 500- 9999 mm

Cutter Thickness: 3,5,7 layer corrugated cardboard

Wiring Speed: 120,160,200,250,300,350 m / min wire width: 1600,1800,2000,2200,2500 mm


address: NO.8 OF TUANJU ROAD,SHUANGFU NEW AREA OF JIANGJIN DIST.CHONGQING,P.R.OF CHINA,    Tel: +862347528600   fax: +862347525768