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Precision Diaphragm flexible coupling

Precision Diaphragm flexible coupling


Precision Diaphragm flexible coupling

    Precision is the flexible coupling diaphragm, bellows, connecting rod, metal coil springs and other metal components of the elastic member as the elastic element of a flexible coupling, which is made active by the end of the bolt torque and motion passed an elastic diaphragm and other metal element assembly, and then by a further bolt torque and the movement spread to the working principle of the driven side. It has a metal elastic element:

(1)Delivery of high precision

(2)Elastically deformable diaphragm and bellows can compensate for shaft two radial, axial and angular error, both vibration absorption and cushioning

(3)Stainless steel diaphragm with high anti-acid, anti-corrosion,, anti-rust, especially suitable for high temperature and corrosive workplace

(4)With no sliding parts, and therefore has no lubrication, no noise, no wear, small energy loss, etc

Based on the above advantages, our company absorbing the advanced experience of Germany and Japan in 2002, developed the successful mass production in 2003, in April 2004 precision flexible diaphragm coupling is eligible for utility model patent certificate, the past seven years as the product leading products have been the major domestic machine tools, machinery and other industries hundreds of enterprises to adopt supporting

Functions and features precision die couplings:

Transmitting torque and motion, with shock absorption, cushioning effect and compensate for axial, radial, angular error, the transmission system can be improved working conditions. Adapt to high temperature, corrosive working conditions. And can be used in precision machinery, as well as manipulation, control mechanism and instrumentation equipment. Such equipment is very small torque, the main function is to transmit motion to require the transmission of high precision, should have a high torsional stiffness, general metal elastic element, in order to eliminate the coupling halves relative torsional angle caused by transmission errors and lag. So, is widely used in high power and high speed pumps and fans, high-power engine having a large impact torque, load changes violently broken machinery and precision machinery transmission, data transmission systems, such as CNC machine tools, servo drive system , encoder. It can also be used for high-temperature, high-precision transmission requirements of the professionalmechanical equipment, such as textiles, paper, printing, packaging machinery




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