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YOUFA Numerial Control smart Servo Drives YFSKS-H

YOUFA Numerial Control smart Servo Drives YFSKS-H

◆ YOUFA Numerial Control smart Servo Drives YFSKS-H   Advantages

  1. To accept single-phase 220V and three phase 380V input voltage eliminating all transformers;
  2. High-power servo flexible and mature used in various industries, power range 220V, 0.2KW-3.8KW 380V, 1.5KW-110KW (110KW-280KW can be customized;
  3. High dynamic response, 8KHZ current sampling rate;
  4. European-style design, with 22 IO port, flexible use of a variety of functions (10 programmable digital inputs, 6 programmable digital outputs; 3 programmable analog inputs, 3 programmable analog outputs); Adaptation 24 hours The long hours;
    Standard ModBus (RTU) communication, built-in RS485 function, communication speed up 38400bit.
  5. Built-in variety of flexible features that make the system simple and efficient and more reliable;
  6. Built-in single-axis controller, a single can do speed, position control, can achieve a complete HMI control multiple servo-sharing operation;
  7. Built-diameter calculation function;
  8. Under point position mode, automatic recovery feature color registration;
  9. Location with a variety of compensation;
  10. Enabling more than one servo linkage or synchronization;
  11. A servo drive servo motor to drive multiple (no more than four);
  12. Built position ramp function, automatic smooth pulse command;
  13. Built-in counters, timers, triggers the module can be replaced by simple PLC control;
  14. Built-in PID function, the function of the electronic gear;
  • Sections for different devices developed equipment dedicated servo system;
  • Technical Features
    Fully functional, diverse applications

    1.A motor parameter self-learning function, adaptable to different motor。
    2.Multiple control modes: positioning mode position, position tracking mode, speed mode, the torque limit mode。
    3.During operation, the speed mode and position mode can be switched; in position mode, positioning mode and tracking mode can be switched。
    4.Speed, torque limit function。
    5.Function electronic gear。
    6.Built-in counters, timers, trigger module; substitutable simple PLC control。
    7.Built-in PID function。
    8.ModBus Communication control

    9.Flexible Planning can be defined digital and analog inputs and outputs。

    High speed and precision driving

    1.Speeds up to 9000 rpm
    2.Good low speed characteristics, in 1rpm command, a change in the actual speed of rotation of error up to only 0.5%。
    3.3000rpm to 3000rpm minimum acceleration time of 20ms。
    Instruction smoothing function: Built smooth curve can be reduced starting in the machine, the vibration generated when stopping, extend service life of machinery; quickly turning moment in the speed command, you can use this to achieve a continuous smooth velocity and acceleration of instruction accurate and smooth curves chase from high。

    1.Built-in RS485 function, communication speeds of up to 38400 bit;
    2.Standard ModBus can be directly connected to the display unit;
    3.Communication can be attached ProfiBus。
    Flexible applications

    1.In-one control
    In addition it can be used separately position, speed and torque control, but also can be switched each control mode
    2.Current (torque) control
    Limited by the maximum current of the motor, dig excessive torque generated, applied to prevent mechanical damage。
    3.Origin retrieval
    Positioned at the origin pulse position encoder code disc stop. It used to match the motor shaft and the mechanical position of。
    4.Quick selection mode
    Just set a parameter, you can enter the various control modes; receiving run command, you can run immediately。
    5.Free switching motor types
    You can realize a servo drive sharing driving several different types of servo motors。
    6.Encoder frequency dividing function
    Pulse encoder can be arbitrarily divided achieve multiple synchronous servo motor or linkage。
    7.Positioning completion signal
    Error detection pulse counter as recorded in the number of pulses, if the parameters set by the user has entered the positioning completion range。
    8.Command pulse
    All instructions can be applied to the pulse shape (symbol + burst, CW pulse + CCW pulse, 90 ℃ phase 2 phase pulse train)。
    9. Internally Set Speed Selection
    Motor runs at the speed set by the user parameters. (First speed, second speed, the third speed)
    10.Prevent overtravel
    When the mechanical movable portion exceeds its movable range, stopping the drive motor


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