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YOUFA Numerial Control Dedicated to tracing cut smart Servo Drives YFSKS-F

YOUFA Numerial Control Dedicated to tracing cut smart Servo Drives YFSKS-F

     YFSKS-F Series dedicated tracing cut drive that contains automatic tracing cut control functions. With the feed
 rate of the work piece, it can automatically control saw table forward speed. When it reaches the set length, it
 is in synchronization status and emits the cutting signal. While the materials cut, it emit finish cut signal and the saw table will quickly return back its original position for next works.
     Products suitable for: centrifugal knife cutting machines for the rear part of cosmetic or tooth paste hose extruder, fixed-length sawing machine of the rear part of the high-frequency welded pipe production line, fixed-length cutter of the rear part of denim spiral paper tube production line and the fixed-length cutter of the rear part of PVC pipe and non-standard profiles extruders, the fixed-length cross cut shears of steel wires, filling / instillation machines and other special machines that need to work along with the work pieces.  
     Technical Features:
1.Motion controller and servo drives combined into one (Motion Control + Servo Drive).
2.Can control brus hless servo (Brush-Less) and induction servo (induction) motors respectively.
3.Containing high-performance 32-bit microprocessor and 125us dynamic high-speed computing circuit.
4.Length of the data set as eight number of f 0-99,999.999) that can be accurate up to 1 um level.
5.Can accept maximum measured high speed length of 400Kpps signal (A / B phase.cw / ccw, CK DIR, etc. signal applicable).
6.Automatically find the mechanical origin (absolute coordinate method).
7.With forward and reverse jog, arbitrarily designate mechanical origin (relative coordinate method).
8.Automatically track mainline feed rate and calculate the amount of the pre-S curve acceleration figure.
9.In the s-curve acceleration process, it can do torque compensation and can be quickly synchronized and 
reduce cut error.
10.Four S-curve (Forward acceleration / deceleration, reverse acceleration / deceleration) can be set separately.
11.Can trace Print Mark and automatically corrects cutting length.
12.Provide printing cursor point Mark-Window settings, enhanced Mark identification capability.
13.Set two length data, and change settings or switch to another set of data in the operation.
14.With in-line auto slight correction on cutting length.
15.Simulation function for the main line feed speed input to facilitate the use of test engineers.
16.With automatic length switch function in Humanization way.
17.With Software positive and reverse run protection function by limit setting, and with independent travel warning setting function.
18.With RS-485 interface and with ModBUS (RTU) communication protocol that can be set directly by man-to- machine interface or by PC, PLC communication.
19.To facilitate the setting of length data and various kinds of operation parameters.
20.Actively calculating of each kind operating data in order to monitor the system in operation.
      Advantages on tracing cut System :
1.Writing motion controller as software and integrated in the servo drives, it makes the failure of motion controllers to zero.
2.High dynamic response.
3.Easily achieve a variety of high-precision, high-speed cutting.
4.Servo drive contains high-performance 32-bit microprocessor and 125us dynamic high-speed computing loop. It can also drive induction motor with strong adaptability. 
5.Excellent synchronization performance ensures neat and nice cutting.
6.YFSKSF servo drives can drive permanent magnet synchronous motors
7.Therefore, the whole system becomes simple, efficient and reliable and it reduces production costs and maintenance costs.



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