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Company News

Twelfth China International SME Fair

Twelfth China International SME Fair

October 10-13, Twelfth China International SME Fair theme of the first exhibition with foreign exhibition organized jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Department of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and the Malaysian International Trade and Industry Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition concluded successfully

Twelfth Chongqing Exhibition Expo Exhibition groups work to get the municipal government attaches great importance to any of the Van Ling, deputy director of the General Office of the municipal government heads, led a delegation to Chongqing participating in the Fair. City SME Bureau party secretary, deputy director Zhu delegation participating in the Fair. Fair in the city follow the "cooperation, expand exchanges, mutual benefit and joint development," the spirit, commitment to small and medium enterprises in Chongqing set up exchanges and cooperation, win-win development of the international platform, and seriously carry out related groups Chongqing Pavilion Exhibition of work, in twelfth in the Expo fully demonstrated to promote its image and environment for SME development in Chongqing, Chongqing enterprises to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions, promoting social and economic development of Chongqing, outstanding achievements.

The exhibition, the city more than 30 distinctive, high-tech SMEs exhibitors. Chongqing exhibitors take advantage of the Expo show, trade, exchange and cooperation platform, and actively capture business opportunities, exchanges and negotiations. Chongqing method CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Exhibits servo drive, the exhibition site and reach Tianjin, Chen Xing Automation Equipment Co. contract of intent, signed a seven million contract; also met with Hong Xiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Shandong, Guangdong Kun-wheel electronic equipment Technology Co., , France MOTOREDUCER members of the Group, Lanzhou Chi Electronics Co., Ltd., Jinan light first NC Machinery Co., Astro boy, the robot reached a number of other companies are intent cooperative R & D, support, product agents and other cooperation, the total amount of nearly 150 million yuan . Optical Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Science and Technology Xu Li Leshan Mountain Mineral reached a cooperation project of water-saving valve control, the amount of intent signed agreement million.Chongqing Long Optical Co., Ltd. and Yunnan God Bless biomass joint venture projects on science and technology to achieve the industrialization of agriculture, signed a protocol of intent to cooperate amount of 16 million yuan. Chongqing obvious Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. reached LED display frequency of product sales intention agreement of 500 million. Rongchang District Expo Pavilion at the current outstanding achievements, nostalgic Food Co., Ltd. and Guangdong-Italian trading company signed a 6 million sales agreement of intent, flattered Biotechnology Limited production of honey and bags small bags of food and Guangdong Cheng lesson Trade Co., Ltd. signed a 500 million sales agreement of intent, helicopter Wine Co., Ltd. signed a 3 million sales agreement of intent. An exhibition site businessmen also want to join the franchise agreement signed with the Rongchang area food enterprises. Current in the Bo District Rongchang companies signed the agreement about the amount of intent totaling 15 million yuan. Chongqing pavilions at the show site signing a contract, the intention to reach more than 10 cooperation agreements, the agreement amounted to nearly 2



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