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About Us

Company Profile
     Chongqing Youfa Numerial Control Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter called as YOUFA), as High tech
enterprise, registered in the District of SHUANGFU new development area in Chongqing. The company mainly research and manufacture the products of NC parts for machinery tool and packaging machine, Machinery and automation control equipment, electronic components and assemblies, printed circuit boards, electronic products and accessories, software design, development and programming.
      After years of unremitting efforts, introduction of foreign advanced technology, in alliances with domestic and foreign research institutions, pursuing technology-leading in this industry, continuous innovation, YOUFA have developed a variety of servo drive and servo motor series products with the characters of excellent performance and strong function, flexible control, reliable design, high adaptability and other characteristics. It has wide range of products and can match all kinds of machines configuration and customer’s system integration. YOUFA is one of the biggest manufacturers of servo drives and high accuracy inverters in China. Its products have been sold out the whole Chinese mainland market and successfully exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries.
      YFSKS series servo drive products combine the motion control card and servo drive to make the whole control system simple, reliable and efficient. It has got the precedent in China for the high-power servo in tracing cutting industry and have successfully used for the tracing cutting of     corrugated cardboard, steel, aluminum sheet, steel pipe, PVC pipe, particleboard, toothpaste hose, various bars, etc. Especially for the high speed and high quality dedicated servo drive for computerized crosscutting machine, it can realize the positioning and crosscutting for the cardboard color control patch while cutting it with high speed and high precision. YFSKB series vector inverter takes no sense of vector (Sensor-less Vector) technology. By current sensors, it can accurately measure the three-phase alternating current output signal and the phase angle changes and corrects its frequency by the means of vector calculation. With the help of sensor-less structure design, top grade compatibility technology and strict process control, it produces the products with powerful function, superior performance, beautiful appearance and high stability. 
      Since the beginning, YOUFA always stick to the principle of “provide high quality products and excellent service to the customers”. Moreover, it has made a long-term commitment to meet customer needs. As a professional servo drives and motors research and manufacturing enterprises, we have gradually formed the unique advantages in the market orientation, resource allocation, services support and internal management etc. Its sales network covers most areas in China and has the customers across different kinds of relevant industries. Meanwhile, it has a high skilled and competent workforce and staff members in the process of company’s operation, who cooperate with full team spirit in works and it achieves a good image on enterprise and good profit by return. This is an important factor to lead to the success of the company till now. However, the achievement is just for yesterday and we face both the opportunities and challenges for the future. By implementing international ERP management system for every field, it now absorbs and introduces the advanced management methods and systems of successful enterprises in the company and strengthens the force to introduce the able and competent workforces and gradually improve the internal operating mechanisms and models. In the future, we will consolidate the advantage positions in this industry by increasing the production lines, establishing logistics and service support system, and by developing in steady way towards specialty and standardization as well. 
    For the company’s development, YOUFA has been signed a cooperation agreement with the administration committee of SHUANGFU new development area in Jiangjin new district of Chongqing and obtained the strong support of the local government. Its YOUFA NC R&D building is under construction and the electrical engineering technology research center will be set up. In the process of growth, YOUFA have got the great helps from the cooperators and partners. Relying on its own strong ability, YOUFA will try to become not only an excellent R &D manufacturer, but also an excellent products supplier in the future. In order to improve the responding degree to customer demand, YOUFA will keep on developing new products and increase its market shares and its key competitive power and striving to become one of the top ends international supplier of servo drives , servo motor and computer control module products, etc. We sincerely welcome to work with the friends at home and abroad and create a bright future with every effort. Let us expect and make a better YOUFA in the future!


address: NO.8 OF TUANJU ROAD,SHUANGFU NEW AREA OF JIANGJIN DIST.CHONGQING,P.R.OF CHINA,    Tel: +862347528600   fax: +862347525768